Students speak up

Amanda Hoskins

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With class registration underway, The Chronicle talked to students about how registration went. Class registration for students began on Oct. 28 and will continue until Nov.15, with open registration will on Nov. 18. Registration dates are given based on the amount of credits students receive.


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“I have never had any difficulties with registration. I always get into the classes I want. Since I was a transfer student I came in with a little more credit.” -Daniel Zeman, junior, history

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“I heard that a lot of classes are closed so I’m not too thrilled to even look at it. In the past I have had to talk to the heads of the departments to try and get into the classes.” -Jamie Charles, sophomore, biology






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“It’s literally the worst. I couldn’t even get into orgo[organic chemistry], which means now I have to take it over the summer, which sucks.” -Steven Remetz, sophomore, biomedical sciences


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“For the most part it has been pretty easy. There was one problem I had with a prerequisite but I emailed my professor and he fixed it before I even had to register so it was no problem.” -Ian Murray, senior, mechanical engineering

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“Last year I was trying to apply for a class that I had taken the prerequisite for, that I needed it for, but it wasn’t letting me register for the class even though I had that class. So then I missed out on getting into that class. But I’m a junior now so it is getting easier.” -Luke Pereira, junior, public relations