Women’s Lax starts slow

Erin Elfeldt

The Quinnipiac Women’s Lacrosse team is off to a slow start this season and currently has a 1-5 record overall, however most of the team’s games have been against teams outside of their conference, making them 1-0 in the Northeast Conference.

Although the Bobcats have lost five out of their six games far, they have done so without typically putting up a worthy battle first.

The team’s first game of the season against the University of Vermont was very similar to the team’s most recent game against Sacred Heart as it also went into several overtimes, however this game did not end in Quinnipiac’s favor. Neither team kept the lead for long in this game and Vermont’s Sara Talbot only scored the winning goal with less then a minute to go in the fourth overtime.

The Bobcat’s lost their second game of their season 4-0 to Brown University. Brown played a very strong first half, scoring all four of their goals within that half, the first being only five minutes into the game. Neither team scored in the second half of the game, which was not played at full length and was called with a little over 10 minutes remaining in the second half due to rain and snow.

The Bobcats played a little more like themselves in their following game against Harvard and they put up a tough fight, but they ran out of time. Harvard came out strong in the first half just like Brown and scored five of the first six goals of the game. However the Bobcats came right back and scored the next five, two of which were scored by junior Jennifer Larson. The other three were scored by sophomore Megan Goodhand, junior Danielle Mormile and senior Christy Smallman.

As a result of these four Bobcats efforts, the score was now only a three goal difference with 3:10 left on the clock. Harvard then scored one more goal, which was followed by another goal from Smallman and Larson for the Bobcats, leaving them two goals shy.

The team’s game against the University of Connecticut was one of the tougher games for the Bobcats so far this season, and the score showed it.

Junior Melissa Jordan scored the first goal for the Bobcats, as well as the team’s only goal in the second half.

Smallman also had a pair of goals for the game. At halftime Connecticut already had a 9-3 lead and the Bobcats were unable to turn things around after the intermission.

The Bobcats were very close to winning their game against Boston College. With only 3:10 left in the game Larson scored a goal for the Bobcats that brought tied the score at five a piece.

Boston College quickly came back however, taking a lead they would never relinquish.

The team’s one win this season was against Sacred Heart this past Thursday, and it was not an easy one.

The Bobcats were able to beat Sacred Heart by one goal after a grueling three overtime marathon.

The winning goal was scored by Senior Kate Danowski with less than 2:30 left in the third O.T. QU gained an 11-10 win.

The team’s next game is at 7 p.m., on Tuesday March 29, at Columbia.