Student rescued from well

Julia Perkins

A student fell into a dry well on 3230 Whitney Ave. last night, according to Fire Chief David Berardesca. The Hamden Fire Department rescued the student within a half hour, and the student did not suffer any injuries.

The Hamden police were also on scene due to the huge crowds because of the many Halloween parties in the area, according to Berardesca.

The student was in the backyard of the Whitney Avenue home at a Halloween party when he fell 15 feet, feet first, into the well, which was camouflaged by leaves, Berardesca said.

At first, fellow students tried to pull him out of the hole, but the Hamden police told them to move away in fear that dirt would fall into the hole and the well would collapse, Berardesca said.

The Hamden Fire Department was called at 11:30 last night and used a haul system to lift the student from the well, according to Berardesca.

“I’m very proud of my people for doing such a quick job to get him out and to safety,” Berardesca said. “But our people are used to those types of incidents, not typically with wells, but with construction sites and up on Sleeping Giant.”