Students speak up: Obamacare

Amanda Hoskins

allisonMadeline Hardy

“I can see how it can help people because it is going to allow people to get insurance with dire conditions, but I also think that it is going to be very expensive and I don’t know if we can afford it right now with the deficit.” -Allison Brodmerkel, sophomore, health science


keeganMadeline Hardy

“I don’t really like how Obamacare was written, considering that they didn’t consider a lot of doctors or health care officials while writing it. Personally, I’m not happy with the bill, but the way that Congress handled the issue I think was very unprofessional.” -Keegan Etter, sophomore, engineering


danielleMadeline Hardy

“I’m not really the biggest fan of it. I feel like it is just going to be harder to find doctors, appointments and things like that, but I never thought it should have escalated to the point that it has come to.” -Danielle Marino, freshman, broadcast journalism


reshmaMadeline Hardy

“I think Obamacare is a good thing so that everyone has healthcare. We might as well make it a real thing because I think it is happening anyways.” -Reshma Joseph, sophomore, international business



dougMadeline Hardy

“It gives free health care to people who don’t work for it. If you are making more money than you should have better health care than people who don’t.” -Doug Cassetta, freshman, biology


ashaaMadeline Hardy

“I think it will help people. I don’t see another option that the other party is presenting as far as what it is going to be available for all people who aren’t of the same class and don’t have the same money available to them. Obamacare provides an alternative and better option.” -Ashaa Russell, senior, athletic training