Intramurals makes changes for Quinnipiac Students

Matt Lefebvre

There are more student-athletes at Quinnipiac than you may think. Yes, this term is used to describe students who participate in intercolligiate sports, but at QU, this term goes a little bit further.

The Intramural Dept. has been reaching out to the everyday athlete for years, but has made strides this year under first year director Michael Medina.

Medina, a grauate of the University of Maryland, also went to graduate school at Northeastern University in Boston, Mass., where he was a significant part of that institution’s Intramural Dept. “I wanted to take some of the things that worked for us at Northeastern and bring them here,” Medina said.

The newest and arguably the most valuable thing that Medina has brought to the Intramural program is his willingness to try new things.

He has just implemented online registration for the spring semester.

“It will help students from missing the deadline of bringing rosters to the office,” Medina said. “If students are putting their roster together for five-on-five basketball at 2 a.m., all they have to do is submit the form through the Web site.”

The spring calendar will consist of five-on-five basketball (men/women/co-ed), co-ed bowling, volleyball (m/w/c), dodgeball (m/c) and softball (m/w/c).

The deadline for both basketball and co-ed bowling has passed (Feb. 1), volleyball, dodgeball and softball rosters will not be due until March 22 by noon.