SGA election results are in

Julia Perkins

The results are in for today’s Student Government Association election. SGA welcomes Student Body President Matt Desilets, Vice President for Student Concerns Evan Milas, Vice President for Programming Robert Grant, Vice President for Public Relations Julianna Besharat and Vice President for Finance Danielle Big to its Executive Board.

Class presidents and representatives were also announced for the Class of 2014, Class of 2015, and Class of 2016.

Class of 2014 President:
Emily McDonald

Class of 2014 Vice President:
Caitlin Gallagher

Class of 2014 Representatives:
Joe Rodriguez 226
Theo Siggelakis 207
Greg Hayes 190
Nicholas Scafura 171

Class of 2015 President:
Mostafa Elhaggar

Class of 2015 Vice President:
Joe Kohle

Class of 2015 Representatives:
Michael Podias 398
Maddy Harding 246
Molly Cannon 242
Haley Straussner 230
Tom Albanese 207
Steve Cottane 196

Class of 2016 President:
Johnny Atkin

Class of 2016 Vice President:
Ryan Miller

Class of 2016 Representatives:
Matt Powers 368
Carly Hviding 307
Meg Reilly 277
Rachel Colpitts 255
Bianca Solano 242
Jessica Tomkiewicz 226
Emily Fagan 211
Nicole Guiliani 211