Chain email goes viral

Katherine Rojas

An undetermined number of undergraduates received a chain email Saturday night due to a configuration error in the university’s email system, according to Associate Vice President for Public Relations John Morgan.

The email was an invitation to students on campus for the holiday weekend to attend a small gathering, Morgan said.

“The configuration error has been corrected,” Morgan said. “Information Services and Student Affairs are continuing to look into the matter.”

Information Services staff were unable to comment.

As of yesterday afternoon, an estimated amount of 135 emails were sent as a response, including an email by senior broadcast journalism major Nicholas Frias. However, he did not send the email himself.

“I’m not really sure how my email was hacked,”  Frias said. “I just want to make it known that I did not send that email. I really was hacked, although the email from my address was funny, I’m smart enough to know not to respond to a spam email from a questionable source.”

His hacked response wrote “Does anyone have a pencil I can borrow?” with a photo of actor Nicolas Cage. Frias quickly changed his email password once he realized what had happened.

A similar incident occurred at New York University in November 2012 when a student accidentally replied all to an email from the Bursar’s Office, according to ABC news. The students responses included similar comments to Quinnipiac’s email, such as pictures of Cage.

“I don’t really know what the punishment should be if the students who did this are already Quinnipiac students, I just think they should get something very severe,” Frias said. “Sending out the initial email was kind of funny, but hacking into someone’s email address or multiple students’ email addresses is no joke.”