Lahey, panel to respond to student concern

Katherine Rojas

Quinnipiac’s top line administrators, including President John Lahey, will discuss the future of Quinnipiac University, tonight at 6:30 with the Student Government Association in the Carl Hansen Student Center Piazza.

The panel will include President John Lahey, Senior Vice President for Academic & Student Affairs Mark Thompson, Senior Vice President for Administration Richard Ferguson, Vice President and Dean of Students Manuel Carreiro, and Chief of Public Safety David Barger.

The premise of the discussion is to focus on the growth of the university. The topics of the discussion include updates on the new medical school, the Great Hunger Museum, tuition, school spirit, safety and more, according to SGA’s Vice President of Public Relations Ryan Scanlon.

“We’re going to talk a lot about what Quinnipiac has gone through in the past few years in growth and how that affects students with their classes, living areas, even parking,” SGA’s Vice President for Student Concerns Evan Milas said.

“We’re seeing where Quinnipiac is at and if they have any plans or idea on where they want to end up in the next few years, especially with its growing classes and how the school is going to work with that,” Milas said.

The panel will also touch upon safety issues and emergency plans the school has in regards to recent events, such as school shootings and Hurricane Sandy, according to Milas.

The discussion will begin with an SGA update with President of the Student Body Ben Cloutier. Next the panelist will open up with their updates and statements. Then moderator Erik Cote, SGA’s vice president of finance, will begin the Q-and-A. Students may submit their questions to SGA through email or may bring their questions with them for an SGA member to ask.

“We thought it would be a good idea to not give a mic to students so that they won’t feel uncomfortable so they can hand write a question when they get there and hand it to us and ask them for them to take away the intimidation factor or standing up and asking a question,” Milas said.

“If [students] want to be aware of what’s going on on campus and hear it directly from the source, I mean this is their education and they won’t have another opportunity of gaining this type of insight elsewhere, if they want to see it first hand then this is the place to go,” Milas said.