Rec Center undergoes repairs

William Dawson

Here at Quinnipiac, many students are concerned with their physical health. On any day, sunny or overcast, countless students can be seen running around campus. Whether it is on the athletic fields, around the perimeter of campus, or down dorm road, QU students enjoy releasing the stresses of school with a good run.

Another option for students is the recreation center. This area offers many cardiovascular exercise machines, various weight-lifting apparatus, an indoor track, and multi-purpose courts for tennis, soccer, volleyball, and basketball.

Last year, the gym that features the indoor track and courts underwent a massive transformation. Originally, there was no suspended track, nor were there cardiovascular machines. The courts were there, but were not near the quality of the existing courts. Then, when students arrived last fall, the center was closed. Once the gym was finished, there was a grand opening, and the gym was finally unveiled. Walking in the entrance, the difference was immediately noticeable. Hallways decorated with pictures of Quinnipiac athletes in action, a new front office featuring Q-Card swipe access, a stairwell leading to the suspended track, and four full size basketball/tennis/volleyball courts with hanging dividers welcomed the amazed students.

This year, the gym is once again experiencing a makeover. This time it is the floor. You may be tempted to ask, “If it is a new gym, why is the floor being repaired?” The answer to this is rather simple, as the Assistant Athletic Director of the fitness center Tami Reilly said, “They took up the old rec center floor. Something was put down improperly.”

It was not necessarily a safety measure. Something on the surface slid a little bit, and it was something that was going to have to be fixed at some point. The project should be completed by September 26. Once it is finished, the floor will take a couple days to set into place. If everything is done by then, the gym will be opened on the 29th. These dates are tentative, but expect the gym to be open by late September or early October.

No work has been done to the track. Reilly explained that this was closed merely for precautionary reasons. “There is so much dust in the air, we have to cover all the equipment. We didn’t want it to get ruined,” said Reilly. “Once the floor is set it will take a couple days to air out the gym. The epoxy has a really overwhelming smell, it’s not something you want to breathe in,” she said.

The gym remains in full operation. Its normal hours are: Monday-Friday 7am to 11:30pm and weekends/holidays 10am to 11:30pm. If weightlifting is not for you, the gym still offers fitness classes throughout the week. Keep in mind these classes are limited to 40 people on a first come first serve basis. You may not sign up friends and can sign up as close as 20 minutes prior to the class. The schedule of classes is posted in the rec center. Along with these options, the intramural department also offers a wide variety of physically challenging sports.

The rec center is something that all students should use to stay in shape, take a break from dorm life, or relieve stress from class. The track and gym will be a welcomed re-addition to the QU lifestyle.