Hurricane Sandy strikes QU: Students evacuated to Rec Center, classes canceled

Staff Reports

[media-credit id=1532 align=”alignright” width=”300″][/media-credit]Classes and all university operations on Mount Carmel Campus will remain closed until Monday Nov. 5 due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy, according to an e-mail to the student body.

Students on the campus are being encouraged by the university to return home due to struggles with generator power. Larson, Perlroth, Troup and Complex residence halls have been running without power since Monday, according to the email.

“We don’t have a firm time or date when power will return,” Associate Vice President for Public Relations John Morgan said.

On Saturday at 9:37 p.m., the university canceled all classes on Monday and Tuesday in preparation for the category 1 hurricane. Earlier in the day, Gov. Dannel Malloy declared a state of emergency.

President Barack Obama declared an expedited major disaster for New Haven County, among other counties in Connecticut. Many towns along the shoreline in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey were left severely damaged, which has made traveling difficult. Many students returned to their hometowns during the storm.

“We’re concerned about our students in residence halls living without generator power, so we’re accommodating them in the rec center,” Morgan said. “To those students, especially those affected by the generator we would like to encourage them to move.”

The university announced Tuesday night that classes on the Mount Carmel campus would be closed on Wednesday, but classes at North Haven and York Hill would still take place.

Several buildings on the Mount Carmel campus have been running on generator power since Monday evening. At the peak of the outages, nearly 8,000 Hamden residents were without power.

Millions are still without power across the North East and some students still haven’t returned to the university due to difficulty commuting or local storm damage. As of press time Wednesday, the university has not responded to questions about when the Mount Carmel campus will reopen.

The Pine Grove has been closed since Monday and its reopening is still to be determined as of press time.

The university also postponed course registration dates until further notice because of closed offices. The course withdrawal deadline has also been extended to Nov. 9.

The volleyball team and men’s soccer team both have home games this weekend, and those are still scheduled to go on as planned. All other on-campus events, including the leadership conference on Saturday, have been canceled.

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