Quinnipiac, Chartwells introduce new Tapingo app

Josh Brewer

As of Monday, students and faculty are able to purchase food at the Bobcat Den in a new way. Chartwells, in conjunction with Tapingo, have created an iPhone and Android app that allows you to order on the go. The app is free and is available on Apple’s App Store and Android’s Play Store. The free service is also available on the web by visiting tapingo.com.

“What our product is doing is it’s helping students get what they need to get without having to worry about waiting in line and also about waiting in line to pay for their item,” Director of Campus Marketing at Tapingo Mickey Katz said.

Once the app or website is open, a prompt will open asking for the student’s name, location, phone number and Q-card number. When the form is completed, it will provide the student with locations that accept payment via Tapingo.

By clicking on the Bobcat Den, students can view the menu and make an order. Orders take 15 minutes to be completed at most. When an order is sent via Tapingo, the staff in the Bobcat Den receives it.

“There is a printer in the back of the kitchen and when your order is placed, [the printer] buzzes three times and then the kitchen staff understands your order was placed. They will prepare your food. They will wrap it up for you…If it’s hot, they keep it hot, if it’s cool, they keep it cool,” Katz said.

When students arrive at the Bobcat Den, there is a designated area to pick up food. In addition, students can provide the Tapingo app with their Q-card number so that there is no need to wait in line to pay. When an order is placed, students will receive a confirmation that they can use to pick up their food from the designated area.

Currently, students and faculty can only place orders at the Bobcat Den; however, new locations are coming soon. Sorrento’s Brick Oven Pizza already accepts Tapingo payments and delivers to campus. Other locations that will soon accept Tapingo payment, include Giant View Café, Kelly’s Kone Konnection, Mama Rosa’s, Star Pizza and Cuda’s Seafood Restaurant.

The Tapingo app has been downloaded more than 350 times. Students who want water or coffee will have to prepare it on their own when they pick up their food order.

During its first week, Tapingo is offering five free orders of up to $5 to two students who download the app. The app emphasizes ordering food on the go so that it’s ready when students arrive at the Bobcat Den.

“We really want this product to be an enriching experience for students,” Katz said.