Bootcamp, Bollywood-Style

Caroline Tufts

You know you’re getting a good workout when the instructor has to remind you to breathe. At least that’s what I kept telling myself on Thursday afternoon as I struggled through senior instructor Saba Shahid’s “Bollywood Boot Camp” on York Hill.

Transitioning from crunches to burpees was tough, but the exercises themselves weren’t too difficult. The blast of Bollywood music in the background, a reflection of Shahid’s Southeast Asian heritage, and the ever-present smile on the instructor’s face kept my spirits high.

The class focused on a combination of strength-training and cardio workouts with a lot of ab work and arm motion.

Despite never failing to fall out of rhythm, accidentally leaping in the opposite direction, or losing my balance at the drop of a hat, the class was right up my alley. We worked a variety of muscles, and though the pace was fast, I felt like I got a good workout without pushing too hard.

The Bollywood aspect of the class was where my inability to do simple dance moves took over. But, I enjoyed trying. Shahid was able to break it down, making each step understandable and systematic. This convinced me that I was working-out rather than dancing.

The only disappointment came from the small turnout. Aside from me, there was only one other girl there, so the room felt empty. I was surprised that such a fun and lively class had so few people at it. I have to get the word out!

Teresa Santos, a broadcast journalism major and the other attendee, said she was looking for another workout in addition to Zumba.

“It was really intense, but it was good and definitely what I look for in a gym class,” Santos said.

This class is fun and worthwhile, and Shahid brings a lot of spirit to each activity. I left the class with aching abs, and a hope that next week from 4 to 5 p.m. there’ll be many new faces at Bollywood Boot Camp.