First floor Dana floods

Caroline Moses

Residents of the east wing first floor in Dana English Hall experienced continuous leakage from Sept. 10 until Sept. 15. The situation wasn’t rectified for approximately 12 hours after the first signs of water seepage occurred.

Dana resident and freshman Jeremy Han said the flooding wasn’t resolved in time.

“It was disgusting,” Han said. “The carpet was all wet and it took forever before someone came and cleaned it up and fixed the urinal.”

When contacted about this issue, Associate Vice President of Facilities Operations Keith Woodward denied there being floods, and stated that when he contacted Residential Life, they said they had not previously heard this claim.

Residents of the first floor hallway described that the water damage was visible on the walls from the continuous leakage.

After the first occurrence, freshman Kyle Connery submitted a work request at approximately 8 a.m. in efforts to have the problem rectified, but the urinal was not fixed until after 9 p.m. that night.

Although the event was eventually corrected, the problem arose again.

“I was walking down the hall, and all of a sudden, I heard this vacuum cleaner-like noise,” Dana resident Sean Sedore said. “When I opened the bathroom [door] to check out what the noise was, I saw the flooding.”

Woodward is investigating the issue.