Faculty, staff fight for spots too

Susan Riello

Students aren’t the only members of Quinnipiac with parking issues. Faculty members have been struggling with parking as well.

Though there are multiple parking lots designated for both students and staff, many faculty members attribute their difficulty in finding parking spaces to an increase in staff hiring. Others said that students may be causing the problem.

“We have had an increase in faculty, but we still have a sufficient amount of spaces if they are utilized correctly,” said David Barger, chief of public safety. “A lot of the complaints revolve around students occupying spaces that are designated for faculty.”

Students who commute to campus can park in either North Lot or Hogan Lot, while the lot behind Buckman Theatre and South Lot are reserved for faculty and staff members. There are also specific areas for faculty to park by the Faculty Office Building, the health center, the facilities building and in front of the Law School.

Residents of the York Hill campus and Whitney Village are allowed to park in North Lot or Hogan Lot as well, though they are encouraged to use the shuttle. However, some students may not be familiar with these regulations, which may cause staff members to miss out on their parking spaces.

“It’s difficult for staff to park in South Lot after 9 a.m.,” said Bill Murphy, manager of Client Services. “There have been times where I’ve had to park in the Law School Lot. I like to leave campus for lunch, but sometimes I don’t even want to because I’m not sure if I’ll get a space when I come back.”

Many of the lots are almost completely full by 10 a.m., which creates a problem for staff members or students who arrive at campus later. Though there is understandable confusion in the first few weeks of the school year, Public Safety will begin to crack down on those who violate the parking rules this week.

“We have a lenient period of time at the beginning of each semester,” Barger said. “There is usually some confusion with students getting their decals or figuring out where to park, so there is a sort of learning curve.”

However, beginning this week, tickets will be issued to cars that are not parked in their designated areas. In some cases, vehicles may even be towed.

Students or faculty members who are unclear about designated parking areas and regulations are encouraged to refer to the student handbook, which is accessible through Quick Links on MyQ.