QU to host film training program

Robert Grant

The Connecticut Film Industry Training Program will be returning for its fifth and final year at Quinnipiac.

The FITP is aimed to teach individuals the basics of feature film and episodic television production and potentially help them pursue entry-level freelance work in the industry. The program, which has been at Quinnipiac since its foundation, will go from June 4 until June 29 and is only open to Connecticut residents since it is financially supported by the state.

“Hosting the program has increased awareness of Quinnipiac’s film, video and interactive media programs among New York and Connecticut film and television practitioners,” said Liam O’Brien, professor and chair of Quinnipiac’s department of film, video and interactive media. “It has cemented our relationships with many industry leaders.”

The FITP has 421 graduate trainees who have gained more than 12,000 days of paid and unpaid freelance work, internships and deferrals. Many graduates of the program have also found permanent jobs in the industry.

“Several Quinnipiac students, having taken the FITP, remarked that they landed jobs after graduation because of the skills they acquired during the program,” O’Brien said. “It gave them a leg up over other job seekers.”

The intensive four-week program is hands-on and uses state-of-the-art equipment that is donated by industry vendors. Trainees have the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in production relative to their chosen specialty which range anywhere from camera and sound to props and wardrobe.

“The knowledge I’ve gained and the professional contacts I’ve made through the FITP have proven invaluable,” Gina Cassasse, a 2008 graduate trainee, said in a testimonial on FITP’s website. “FITP is a tremendous opportunity for anyone seeking transition into the television and film industry.”

Joel Callaway, a 2008 graduate trainee, is currently working as a production assistant on a Disney feature shooting in Connecticut.

“The FITP gave me the training and the contacts I needed to get my foot in the door,” Callaway said in a testimonial.

Applications can be found on www.ctfilmworkforce.com and are due May 31.