Campuses anticipate 2012 May Weekend

Lauren Epifanio

After a semester of classes and homework, many students on both Quinnipiac campuses anticipate the upcoming weekend as a way to relax before closing out the school year with finals. Friday begins the celebration of May Weekend for students, but the university will treat it as any other weekend.

“The university’s concern is always the safety and security of its students. Next weekend is no different in that regard, and we will take action as appropriate to ensure that all our students behave responsibly as we enter the final weeks of the semester,” Barger said.

The policy for drinking will be the same as every other weekend on campus, according to Chief of Security & Safety, David Barger.

Concerning alcohol, the Student Handbook states “The consumption of alcoholic beverages in common and public areas, except where designated, is not permitted. Kegs, beerballs and/or excessive quantities of alcohol and alcohol paraphernalia also are prohibited.”

The same policies still apply during May Weekend such as guest visitations and regular York Hill shuttle schedules, Barger said.

Extra security is unnecessary throughout the weekend. However, there will be additional security at Quinnipiac’s Relay for Life and Quinni Con, according to Barger.

Although security sees no need to prepare for the upcoming weekend, students on both Mount Carmel and York Hill have been organizing plans for weeks. Members of the student body have bought or made tanks, T-shirts, cups, koozies, lacrosse pinnies and other May Weekend-themed apparel.

“I think it’s going to be a great weekend,” freshman Erin Morton said. “They said it’s a great atmosphere where everyone is having fun and there’s a great sense of community.”

For upperclassmen, this is either their last or second-to-last May Weekend.

“I love May Weekend because it is the last time everyone can be together before summer and before the semester is over,” junior Jackie Izzo said.

“The idea of living on a separate campus made me worried that May Weekend wouldn’t be as big and exciting,” junior Julia Burkhart said. “But now I can’t wait to see what May Weekend is like at York Hill. Most of the people are older and we probably don’t have to worry as much.”

However, not all students plan to participate in May Weekend activities, like sophomore Ryan Obier.

“To me May Weekend isn’t really different than any other weekend,” Obier said. “I’m going to treat it as just another weekend.”

Student organizations will offer alternative events throughout the weekend, including Relay for Life and Mr. QU.

“[The Student Programming Board] is programming this weekend as if it were any regular weekend,” SPB Traditions and Community Chair Kristin Cagney said. “The university does not recognize ‘May Weekend’ and therefore SPB programs their regular hours from 8 to 10 this weekend.”