Intramurals prove success

The smell of competition lingers in the air as twenty-some warriors fight hangovers and sleep deprivation to battle on the field of men’s touch football.
Sept. 22 marks the opening of what looks to be another successful athletic intramural season at Quinnipiac.
Intramural sports have been a favorite pastime of the student body over the last several years. The intramural program takes a something for everyone approach by offering 24 men’s, women’s and co-ed sports, which have up to three varying degrees of competition.
It is the extreme diversity that attributes to the program’s success.
“Enviornments of play range from the ultra-competitive to the relaxed and fun,” said nine-time intramural champion and Graduate Assistant for the intramural office, Christopher Mercurio.
Non-competitive divisions are offered, but it is the competitiveness that draws many students to the intramural program.
“I will dominate my younger brother’s soccer team,” said five-year intramural veteran Mercurio.
At the formation of a team, and to the championship game, it is not uncommon to hear boisterous students pumping themselves up for their upcoming games.
“Things can get pretty intense out there,” said intramural employee and tri-athlete Brad Palazzo.
Fierce rivalries and intense game play often formulate during the season of many Division one sports. The vast majority of competition is friendly and stays on the field.
“I have developed many long-term friendships with kids that I met playing against in intramurals. It is a great way to expand your circle of friends,” said Mercurio.
According to Mercurio, the goal of the intramural program is to enhance student life by providing a safe and fun environment for students to participate in organized sports.
The monetary price that students must pay is kept at a relatively minuscule amount. There is a “forfeit fee” of $5 per person, and the money is refunded if the team shows up for all of its games.
“It is something we have to do to give incentive to kids to show up for their games,” said Mercurio.
The intramural program plans to continue its past success with new ideas to better the program.
This year an all-star team will be selected and an all-star game will be held during championship time for selected sports. The possibility of men’s and women’s indoor soccer could be added to the ever growing list of available sports. Nothing is formally planned yet, but Mercurio insists that many people involved with intramurals would love to begin competing against other colleges in the area.
“Nick Wormley, who is first in command of intramurals, deeply cares for the program and will do everything in his power to expand the intramurals and make sure it remains one of the most popular activities on this campus,” said Mercurio.