Fitness Center opens for the 2002-03 year

The new Fitness Center premiered during the Labor Day weekend and will now be open during regular hours for all Quinnipiac students, faculty and staff.
The center has been closed during the summer because of construction.
People who plan to use the fitness center for the first time need to go through a fitness center orientation. A new waiver form also needs to be filled out, whether you are a new or returning user. This form is available on a table outside the fitness center.
The reception desk in the Fitness Center is staffed by trained undergraduate work-study students who are there to answer questions about proper usage of the machines. They are not, however, certified to develop individual workout programs.
In the Fitness Center, there are certain rules everyone needs to follow. First, everyone entering the Fitness Center must swipe their QU ID card. Also, no jackets or bookbags are allowed in the center. Instead, a locker can be assigned for this purpose.
When in the Fitness Center, proper attire is required. No sleeveless t-shirts, tanktops or haltertops are permitted.
Equipment needs to be wiped off after each use, and non-Quinnipiac community members are not permitted to use the Fitness Center without written permission of the athletic or associate directors. Only full time students are permitted to register guests. Violators will be considered trespassers.
For more information, contact Linda Wooster, associate athletic director of recreation, at 582-8626 or call the Fitness Center at 582-8280.