Alpha Chi Omega mum about investigation

Kim Green

Alpha Chi Omega’s national headquarters investigated Quinnipiac’s Iota Phi chapter, confirmed Janine Grover, Alpha Chi Omega’s national marketing and communications director.

Neither Grover nor Quinnipiac’s Panhellenic executive board would divulge the basis of the investigation, which completed last week. Alpha Chi’s formal was not canceled and took place March 30 at Cascade.

“The investigation has been completed, however, any information regarding the matters involved have and will remain internal to the organization,” the Iota Phi chapter of Alpha Chi Omega said in a statement to the Chronicle.

Greg Fink, assistant director of the student center & campus life for Greek life, said that most policy issues are internally driven and have to do with the chapter experience, which is not a Panhellenic issue.

“We support all Panhellenic organizations in conjunction with the university and their national headquarters’ policies,” the Panhellenic executive board said. “As a Panhellenic council, we do not interfere with internal chapter matters, in recognition that each chapter functions under their own sovereignty.”

The National Panhellenic Conference is the overarching delegation of all the sororities acting like a big coalition, Fink said.

“Panhellenic oversees policy procedures as the voice, the recruitment body, and the governing body for all NPC sororities,” Fink said.

“Panhellenic is the bridge between each of these greek organizations. If Panhellenic recognized one chapter is in violation in one of the unanimous agreements that all the organizations associated with say they will abide by, that is when Panhellenic gets involved.”

Fink said that both the university and Panhellenic are informed about details of the investigation when it is completed by the Greek organization’s headquarters.

“I have full faith in the people we work with in all the headquarter offices in putting together a thorough investigation so we can take their response to heart and bring it back to our campus with confidence,” Fink said.

Prior to the investigation’s completion, Fink said that the chapter had not been suspended from the university.