Rugby team lends a helping hand to the Special Olympics

The Quinnipiac Law School rugby team has been successful in many ways this spring season. The team has done well with a record of 4-3 so far and has started to help out with community programs.
On Sun., April 14, the Quinnipiac Law School rugby team went to New Haven to help with the training of the athletes for the Special Olympics.
“We just wanted to show our support and try to give something back to the community,” said sophomore Steve Horney.
Around 12 o’clock on a Sunday afternoon the team showed up excited to help out in anyway possible. The events consisted of shot put, relay races, a mile run, and other track and field events.
“It’s great to see that we could help out anyway we could,” said senior Jeff Taylor. “I think our presence today made an impact on the participants and their presence made an impact on us also.”
The organizers of the event were also enthusiastic to have the rugby team there helping out.
“It was good to watch these guys come out and give their free time,” said head coach Suzanne Armaze. “When I first saw them this morning, I was definately shocked at how many came and how enthused they were to be here.”
The basic point of the day was to get the participants ready for their events and teach them the fundamentals to compete while having fun.
Law student Angelo Frammero put it best by saying, “There’s nothing like lending a helping hand to people who are less fortunate. It’s amazing to think that giving three hours on your Sunday afternoon could mean so much to someone.”
Although there have been difficulties in getting the team started, the players are focused and determined in making this year’s team a memorable one.
On Sat., April 20, you can come see the Quinnipiac Law school rugby team play in their 6th annual tournament, kickoff is at 11 a.m. on the Hogan Field.