Security, SGA solve students’ concerns

Daniel Grosso

There is tension between security officials and students on many college campuses, but Quinnipiac’s problems may be on the rise.

In recent weeks there has seemingly been a spike in student concerns regarding Quinnipiac’s security guards, but SGA has urged this is nothing out of the ordinary.

“Comparing this year to previous years there is no difference,” Vice President of Student Concerns Vincent Bond said in an email. “There are always situations that come up in the community that need to be addressed and SGA always solves them as soon as they come to us.”

Bond also stressed that a majority of the concerns SGA receives are not serious complaints. They mostly revolve around three areas: parking, tickets and shuttles.

SGA brings all student concerns to Chief of Security David Barger, who says he is not too surprised about the content of these concerns.

“I’ve never found anyone happy to receive a ticket,” Barger said.

According to the chief, the majority of student complaints that reach his desk involve parking tickets and are easily dealt with because the parking rules for each lot are clearly posted.

However, other student concerns require a bit more attention and are more worrisome for the chief of security. Some students have alleged Quinnipiac security officers have been rude and mistreated them.

Barger is not surprised that these concerns exist.

“Ninety-nine times out of 100 when [security interacts] with students it is a high stress situation,” Barger said.

While Bond is not allowed to disclose any details or personal cases, he made sure to note that SGA is constantly working with security to solve any issues that may arise.

“Security is always willing to work with students and solves any issues we bring to them,” Bond said. “They have conversations with officers and work with us to solve the issues.”

Barger also expressed this helpful sentiment and wishes to do all he can to make students relations with security guards a favorable one. He assured that he reviews all issues brought to his desk and talks to any personnel who may be mentioned negatively by a student.

The chief of security applauded SGA for their efforts in the continuing relationship between students and Quinnipiac’s finest.

“Through the work of SGA the students have become more aware,” Barger said.

Chief Barger also stressed that without students coming to Security or SGA with their concerns it is impossible to make adjustments to improve Quinnipiac Security. Barger urges all students who may have a concern or issue to email him, leave a note with security or contact their SGA representatives.

Working together, students at Quinnipiac can have a positive relationship with Security and can continue to work out any issues.

“The last thing that SGA wants is any friction between the students and officers on campus,” Bond assured.