SGA Update


“Through a passionate desire for constant improvement, the Student Government Association is committed to the current and future students of Quinnipiac University.” This is the final charge in your Student Government’s mission statement.

Over the fall semester, your Student Government has found success in many of the following areas: service to students, service to our community, collaboration with faculty, administrators, and staff, and finally, internal success in our operations and leadership.

We place special value in the “service to students” category with the intention of making Quinnipiac a friendlier and more attractive place to live and study for all current and future students. We have answered and resolved more than 1,250 concerns this semester, most often with regard to the fields of security, campus dining, academic affairs, student affairs and multicultural affairs.

We have partnered with those who design the QU seminars and have taken a leading role in Academic Affairs’ New Synthesis Project for Undergraduate Education. Your Student Government is currently partnering with Community Action Project (CAP) on organizing the largest service event Quinnipiac has ever hosted, entitled “The Big Event” with the motto “One big day, one big thanks.”

Our office of finance consistently balances the student activity budget, allocating thousands of dollars this semester alone in the organizational special appeals process. In programming, your SGA has hosted events for each class, a program for Diversity Week and an alcohol awareness program. Your class presidents and vice presidents continue to make the organization visible by hosting meet and greet functions to give you, the student, a chance to meet with your elected officials and voice your concerns.

Without any doubt, your Student Government has found much success in many different areas this semester. We are constantly committed to you, the current students of Quinnipiac and those who will follow in your footsteps. Please know that the Student Government is always here to help, and we look forward to another great semester come spring.

Live the Legend, Happy Holidays and good luck on finals!

Lou Venturelli
President, Student Government Association