Let the library seat hunt begin

Julia Bucchianeri

The one week that we dread all semester is finally here.

Huge papers need to be completed, group projects start to come to an end and hours upon hours of studying will take place for exams next week. We all know what to expect of this week, unless you’re a freshman-and in that case, good luck, I hope it’s not too painful. We all also know one of the most annoying factors involved with finals week: the library.

Finding a good location in which to study is a difficult task in itself. Generally most students rely on the library because dorm rooms have way too many distractions. But when the student reaches a point where they no longer feel there is any use in going to the library because it is too full, there’s a problem. I’ve heard numerous people say they’re not even going to try the library because you have to walk in laps waiting for someone to get up and leave, kind of like how we drive around North Lot in circles waiting for a spot to open up.

I know that the school is trying to improve study space on campus because a very nice librarian came to my QU 301 class to conduct a focus group on where we like to study and the environment we work best in. I also realize that complaining about the size of the library isn’t going to do a lot because there is no possible way to create more space in the building. I’m more concerned with the use of the space, or the way some students use it.

For example, when I’m with my group members doing those aforementioned laps around the second level of the library searching for somewhere to do our project, seeing one person holding a room is beyond frustrating. I know that this “squatting” is technically not allowed and the librarians say we can kick them out, but who wants to be that person who makes someone pack up all their stuff and move? I’d rather not do that. Then, as I’m walking in those circles, passing by numerous cubbies that have open notebooks and extra textbooks in them is annoying too.

I realize some people get up to use the restroom or even run out to grab some food, but seeing the cubbies that look like someone has literally had their stuff there since 7 a.m. is irritating. I understand the desire to have a cubby set aside for your study time, but at least set up a rotation system with one of your friends so the space doesn’t go unused.

But what is even more annoying than the open cubby is the numerous occupied cubbies that have students writing on friends’ walls or looking through someone’s photo album. Can’t you go creep somewhere else? Some people would probably pay you for that spot and you’re using it to water your digital crops. That’s just awesome.

We’re all under a lot of pressure to do well over the next week and a half so try and use your study time, and location, wisely. Hope for more than a few hours of sleep each night and make sure you remind yourself that you will get through it and the work will get done. It always does.