Socks for soldiers

Matt Ciepielowski

Both Quinnipiac University Republicans and Quinnipiac Young Americans for Liberty Vice President Chris Kito have recently worked with Soldier Socks, a nonprofit organization.

Soldier Socks, run by founder and chairman Chris Meek, who is also a vice president at Goldman Sachs, provides supplies to troops stationed overseas.

Meek founded the organization because he heard that soldiers often lacked water for showers, so they needed socks and baby wipes to maintain decent hygiene.

The QU Republicans held a drive for Soldier Socks last week, and received an “impressive” amount of donations according to Vice President Caitlin Faford.

On Dec. 5, Kito, a senior who is also Secretary of the Connecticut Union of College Republicans, helped Meek pack up donations raised at many different drives. Meek thinks it was about three or four thousand pounds of supplies.

“A lot of these soldiers are our age,” Kito said. “We’re over here in college, and these guys are getting shot at, the least we can do is give them socks.”