Big game weekend ticket sales

Anna Brundage

Tickets for the highly anticipated men’s ice hockey game against Yale on Saturday, Feb. 25, will become available to students tonight at 10.

There will be 900 tickets available, according to a Friday email addressed to students. This includes the entire student section, sections 108, 109, 110, 111 and standing room along the rails.

“It is going to be first-come, first-served as far as kids being able to get a seat,” said David Caprio, group ticket sales and promotions manager. “At the beginning of the year we made all of the games available, Yale was the only one we held out on.”

General admission tickets made available to the public for this game, including seats and standing room, are just short of being sold-out. Quinnipiac students have been asked to reserve their tickets through the online reservation system, said Caprio.

A link and tutorial video are available to students on WebAdvisor that leads to the online ticket reservation system.

“Last year we sent them a link and what they did was at 10 o’clock they clicked that link and put their first name, last name and student ID number,” Caprio said. “Then what I did was go in and ran a report and got the first thousand names and looked at the time stamp and it was 1,000 names in the first 40 seconds.”

Some students agree that the new online reservations are an improvement to the former process for obtaining tickets.

“I think it’s the best way to do it, I can’t see how they would do it any other way. It’s better than waiting in line and finding out that you’ve waited an hour but can’t get a ticket,” junior Jennifer Scarlett said.

In addition to the 900 tickets that will be made available to students online, tickets will be presented to the 100 students who have attended the most games this season. Those students will receive emails from the TD Bank box office before Saturday’s game.

“We like to have our students there because those are our friends, the ones that we spend a lot of time with, and their support means a lot to us,” senior captain Scott Zurevinski said following the Harvard game on Feb 3.

In order to attend the Yale game, students will not be able to simply swipe their Q-card at the doors, Caprio said. A printed copy of the reserved ticket must be presented. If students have difficulties printing their ticket or activating their online ticket reservation accounts, they are encouraged to contact the TD Bank Sports Center staff at (203) 582-3905.

On Saturday, both the men’s and women’s basketball games against Robert Morris, at 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. respectively, are expected to have a large turnout. Just as on normal days and unlike the men’s hockey game against Yale, students will be able to swipe their Q-card for the basketball games but are still encouraged to reserve a ticket online as a Q-card alone does not guarantee a seat.