SGA Update


Memo to the Student Body – Security survey in works

The student concerns system the Student Government Association has in place is vital to the everyday life of the student. If an individual is unsatisfied, worried, or just concerned in general, they have the ability to submit it in writing to their elected members, knowing it will stay confidential, and within reason, the appropriate member will fight on your behalf to achieve your satisfaction. Throughout the course of the last few weeks, the concern system has seen great volume, as there have been large quantities of concerns pertaining to security and safety that have come across my desk. As your elected official, it is my job to fight on your behalf, and represent you to the administration to ensure you receive adequate security coverage, on whichever campus you reside. In response to the concerns, I achieved my goal of increasing coverage at the York Hill campus, ensuring the garage was covered 24/7, and we had at least two guards on duty at all times.

I would like to go above and beyond the concerns received, and further inquire by bringing the issue directly to each student. Over the course of the next few days you will receive a survey in your inbox dealing directly with security for all three campuses. You will have the opportunity to rate security from every possible angle, and say whether or not you are satisfied in 15 simple, anonymous questions. The importance of this survey exceeds anything I’ve dealt with up to this point. If we have thousands of students take five minutes out of their day, to either complain about, or compliment security, it makes my voice and argument that much stronger to ensure that the students of Quinnipiac feel safe.

Ben Wald
Class of 2011 Representative, SGA