Copacabana something to celebrate

Tara McMahon

“Copacabana Night” was an event at which everyone learned about some of the most important elements of Latino culture: the music and dances. It was open to everyone and best of all it was free. This was my first year attending Copacabana Night, and I loved it.

Not only was there a DJ playing a variety of music, there was also a salsa band, Caribe Mambo, that got everyone up from their seats to dance. They even taught the people that did not know how to dance salsa the basic steps needed to be a successful salsa dancer. The music, the dancers and the food that was served allowed everyone to have fun. It felt as if I were back at home with my family and friends having a great time.

Besides being a great way to meet people and socialize, “Copacabana Night” is a great way to teach others about the Latin culture and diminish stereotypes that some may have. The event represents the Latino culture in a colorful fun way and allows a diverse group of people to come together and learn about themselves. More clubs should try to do activities like this because they bring people together, rain or shine. That night a lot of people came out to support this event sponsored by the Latino Cultural Society (LCS) even though it was pouring rain. This proves what a community represents, joining together and supporting communal ideals.

Copacabana Night is an event that I would recommend people go to in upcoming years. Not only will you eat different types of Latin food and listen and dance to Latino music, but you will also meet great people that you would have never thought of meeting. Supporting different events is what will bring our school community a lot closer and will diminish the negative things that may occur on campus.