LAX prepares for ’10

Tim Pelrine

Of a team filled with underclassmen, Quinnipiac women’s lacrosse coach Dani Caro is especially relying on her upperclassmen to mentor the new freshmen, who comprise over a third of the team.

Caro plans to play up the strength of her team for the spring, which she said she believes is the ability of her players to control the flow of the game.

“We have some good upperclassmen leadership and they’re doing a really good job mentoring the freshmen and teaching them the flow of the game and to recognize when to push hard, and when to slow the pace down,” Caro said. “Managing the flow of the game from the leaders is something that we’re doing pretty well.”

The team’s strengths and weaknesses were put on display on Saturday during a blue-white intrasquad scrimmage. Caro said the most important items the team needed to work on were communication and overall intensity. However, she did not put too much weight on the scrimmage.

“It’s good to get everybody out and running and to get some competitive situations going,” Caro said. “It’s not very realistic because we often have people playing out of position when we do an intrasquad game, but it’s always good any time we can get them moving.”