Security creates new anonymous hotline

Andrew Timothy

Quinnipiac security has instituted a new security feature, TipNow, for the 2009-2010 academic year. TipNow is a hotline through which any student may anonymously report a concerning incident to security. Students can call, text message or e-mail. TipNow is designed in such a manner that does not allow Quinnipiac to identify the informant.

“Our job is to keep the students, staff, and faculty safe,” Chief of Security and Safety John Twining said. “TipNow gives students the opportunity to be responsible for the safety of all without the risk of being dubbed a ‘rat.'”

TipNow is not for emergencies or minor infractions, Twining said.

“TipNow is to report things which are ‘not right.’ For example, physical altercations, vandalism, illegal drug use, amongst other situations are of the nature for which TipNow is intended,” Twining said.

Kyla Cretekos-Gross, a freshman, expressed positive feelings about TipNow, although they were not without reservations.

“I think TipNow is a good idea, because it helps students avoid peer pressure,” Cretekos-Gross said. “It enables them to not be preoccupied with hurting a friendship. However, I am concerned that it could be used with negative intentions, such as social retribution, or dislike of another student.”

Andrew McDermott, a sophomore Student Government representative, also expressed a mix of optimism and skepticism.

“TipNow is generally a good idea, but I am not sure how effective it will be, due to apathy,” McDermott said.