Sailesh comes to Quinnipaic

Robert Grant

Many things have been seen on stage at Quinnipiac, but students acting as the opposite gender, making out with chairs and shouting out the sounds of an orgasm might be the most interesting.

The Student Programming Board and the Orientation Program co-sponsored “Sailesh: The World’s Best Hypnotist” on Monday evening. Sailesh has received nominations for America’s Best Campus Entertainer of the Year and America’s Best Campus Live Novelty Act by bringing a memorable experience to his audience.

[media-credit id=1459 align=”alignright” width=”300″][/media-credit]“Sailesh is always a Quinnipiac favorite,” Jamie Kloss, SPB’s mainstage chair, said. “We were

very happy with the attendance and energy at his show this year.”

Despite the event taking place on the first day of the Spring semester, there was still a large turnout in attendance.

“We didn’t have much time to spread the word,” Erin Hodgson, SPB’s culture and diversity chair, said. “But we were happy with the turnout and enthusiasm of the audience.”

An hour into the performance, students were caught off guard when the music stopped and the lights went out in Burt Kahn. When the audience realized it was a power outage, some left, but Sailesh continued with his performance.

Sailesh’s shows are entertaining because of the number of volunteers on stage. According to Sailesh, the volunteers, approximately 20, were the stars of the show.

“There was a good range of students on stage,” sophomore Sarah Dors said. “Most people were engaged having known someone being hypnotized.”

Many might remember Sailesh as the R-rated hypnotist from freshman orientation, but due to Hurricane Irene, his show was canceled last August. SPB brought the event back as part of its Welcome Back Week, which consists of a week of events to start the semester.

“This event was a great way to kick off the semester,” Kloss said. “It’s a chance to remind students that SPB has fun programs like this every weekend.”