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If you want May Weekend back, show some respect

Last weekend was the unofficial May Weekend here at Quinnipiac University. For most of the day, people seemed to have a great time, congregating with friends and getting in that last bit of fun before hunkering down and preparing for the final stretch of the school year.

Most people congregated outside by the baseball field and the volleyball court. Around 6 p.m. on Saturday, the party started to break up and people started to move back to the dorm rooms or elsewhere. As students walked away, what they left behind was a disgrace.

The plot of land where the “party” was held was a wasteland of Pepsi cups, beer cans and trash. It was terrible to see.

A few students, some clearly very inebriated, were left and a few of them were actually helping out by picking up the garbage and depositing it in the trash cans that were brought out specifically for this reason.

I’m not sure whose job or responsibility it might be to clean up the junk left out on the field. All I know is that it’s not in their job description and they shouldn’t have to deal with it. In no way, shape or form should the students that enjoyed “May Weekend” have left such a disgraceful mess out on the field.

Students should be thankful that the school let this weekend, at least out by the volleyball court, go on with little enforcement of the rules. Since the official May Weekend has been abolished, it was nice to see that Quinnipiac still understands that students just want a release before entering two weeks of hell.

I feel, if we as students can go a few years without incident, without a major disaster, the school may bring back the tradition of May Weekend. It’s up to us to shape the future both for us and for future students at this university.

But judging off what was left behind this year, I think we all just set any possibility of getting May Weekend reinstated back a few years.

It’s too bad that the students that were partaking in these assorted activities weren’t kind enough to walk the 5 feet over to the garbage cans to throw out their trash. Even if when the partying was coming to a close, the students could have spent all of five minutes picking up the garbage around them, the place would have been clean before you could chug that next Keystone Light.

The school did the students a favor by letting them have a little fun in the sun, and all they could do to repay them was to trash the field.

It’s sickening to see sometimes how some students treat this campus. I don’t know how some of you treat your homes, but you share this campus with 5,000 other students.

I commend QU for letting the students party it up one last time before the year is over, especially out in the nice weather and bright sun. Unfortunately, some students don’t know how to respect this campus and left quite a mess out on the field.

The responsibility is on us to set the standard, to show that we’re capable of having a good time without making an absolute calamity of everything. This year, was a failure and I wouldn’t be surprised if they crack down on what goes on during “May Weekend” next year.

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