Mo Jr. to leave Quinnipiac

Phil Nobile

After a brief stay at Quinnipiac University, Mariano Rivera Jr., the son of Yankees closer Mariano Rivera, will not return to Quinnipiac next semester, Rivera told the Chronicle.

When asked why, Rivera said in a text message his “parents wanted me at home.”

”They just don’t like the whole idea with dorming,” Rivera said. “I’m not a bad kid I just did what everyone else did and I guess they don’t want me to be that way.”

Rivera believes he will either go to Fordham or Iona.

Rivera added: “Well obviously I don’t want to leave. I will miss it a lot and I felt very comfortable here.”

Last spring, Rivera said that his parents were supporting him “100 percent,” and that he would “have to prove to them that I’m ready for college and I’m on my own basically.”

Rivera committed to Quinnipiac last April. Once at Quinnipiac, Rivera entered the baseball program as a pitcher. Rivera told the Chronicle that after trying out, baseball coach Dan Gooley told him he made the team.

Rivera chose Quinnipiac over Fairfield, High Point, and South Florida after finding a mutual interest between himself and Gooley, he told the Chronicle on April 20. He was listed as an English major.