Connecticut university students assemble for MS

Jenna Doleh

Twenty Connecticut undergraduates are challenging the common perception that college students are consumed only with their campus environment. They are reaching out from their different campuses to fight multiple sclerosis.

Students from both Quinnipiac and Southern Connecticut State University started the organization, MS 4 MS. The main goal of the nonprofit is to fundraise and spread awareness about multiple sclerosis. Senior Steve Bushnell brought his passion to the Quinnipiac front.

“I got a phone call from my friend Sam Greenberg at Southern, and he told me about his idea for the organization,” Bushnell said. “From the very beginning I was extremely impressed not only by Sam’s idea but by his enthusiasm about the project and all the initiative he had already taken in getting it started.”

According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society website, MS is a chronic and oftentimes disabling disease that attacks the central nervous system causing symptoms such as numbness in the limbs, paralysis and loss of vision.

The organization will be based around a competition where teams of four can register and compete to see who can raise the most money. The team that earns the most will win a trip to all major league stadiums in the division of their choice. According to founder Sam Greenberg, he had a dream as a child to visit all major league baseball stadiums. It would be Sam’s plan and the horrors of MS that would get Bushnell involved.

“MS is a terrible disease and I jumped at the chance to get involved in an organization that would contribute to fighting it,” Bushnell said. “When I saw how passionate Sam was about this project, I knew it was the real deal, and I expect it to be a very rewarding experience overall.”

The group said they hope to provide funding for research to find a cure, and also help families struggling with expensive medical bills. After the costs from the trip are accounted for, the money made will go entirely towards the MS society.

“Eventually, we hope that as many people as possible will get involved in our competition,” Bushnell. said “We ask that anybody who is really looking to get involved with this project contact either myself or Sam Greenberg via Facebook.”