SGA creating a legend

Louis Venturelli left his position of SGA president with a legend to give away.

Last year, Venturelli and a committee within SGA made up of presidents and vice presidents of each class, created the Legends Project. Continued this year, the objective is to get students involved and improve QU.

“The goal is to get [the students’] ideas to happen on campus and to get it working by the end of next semester,” said junior Catherine Tobin, SGA vice president of the class of 2013. “So we will provide them with an SGA mentor to kind of make sure their idea can work and we’ll also give them $3,000 towards their idea.”

SGA is supplying the financial expenses to one student, or a group of students, who have the best idea. The due date for applications is Nov. 16. Interviews for selected applicants will be held from Nov. 18 to Dec. 2 and the winner will be announced between Dec. 12 and Dec. 16.

“I think the Legends Project is a great idea because it is a way of strengthening our community,” freshman Tyler Appleby said. “The students of Quinnipiac will be able to improve the campus and making it reflect themselves, thus showing what type of environment we want to live and learn in.”

“We really want to reach out to the students who have good ideas but don’t necessarily know how to go about them,” Tobin said.

SGA members have been speaking in freshman QU 101 classes in order to reach as many students as possible.

There will be info sessions for the sophomores, juniors and seniors who SGA will not recruit from their classes to speak, Tobin said. Rather, SGA will focus on finding freshmen to introduce the Legends Project.

Info sessions took place yesterday at the North Haven and York Hill campuses. The last session is on the Mount Carmel campus on Nov. 6.

“The Legends Project will be extremely beneficial because a lot of people’s feedback and new ideas will allow the best changes to be made to the school,” freshman Nicole Kujan said.

Tobin and SGA members said they hope the Legends Project will become an annual event.