Students flock to fall concert

Catherine Boudreau

Photo by Matt Eisenberg/Chronicle

Hoodie Allen, an up-and-coming rapper from New York City opened the show. He performed a variety of songs from his mix tapes, including “The Chase Is On” and “Jerry Jokes.” He ended the set with his hit “You Are Not A Robot.” Despite some unfamiliarity with Allen, students still threw up their hands and danced throughout the performance.

Sam Adams, dubbed “Boston’s Boy,” performed after Allen. His hour-long set included hit songs such as “I Hate College” and “Coast to Coast.” He finished with a Quinnipiac favorite, “Driving Me Crazy.”

“Sam Adams came out with so much energy and seemed really excited to actually be at Quinnipiac,” junior Conor Fitzgerald said.

This was Adams’s first performance at Quinnipiac. However, he performed at Toad’s Place in April 2010 during the Barstool Sports-sponsored concert, Stoolapalooza.

He made sure to thank Quinnipiac fans continuously throughout the entire show, leaning into the audience and proclaiming his love for the students. At one point he had everyone cheering after his prompt, “When I say QU, you say Bobcats!”

3OH!3 seemingly captivated the crowd with a high-energy performance featuring an impressive light demonstration. In the hour-long set, the band performed its top hits including “My First Kiss,” “Colorado Sunrise” and “Starstrukk.

The artists got involved with the crowd, as well, throwing Toad’s references in during their performance of “House Party.”

During “My First Kiss” they even called up six girls on stage from the audience, including sophomore Kelly Dubinsky.

“When I was on stage I was still in shock that I was up there. But once the song started I was jumping up and down with all the other girls and singing along,” Dubinsky said. “Sean Foreman (lead singer) put his arm around me and started singing and jumping with me. I was freaking out to say the least and basically that moment made my month. I never will forget this concert.”

As 3OH!3’s set came to an end and the band left the stage, students yelled for an encore. Running back on stage minutes later, they finished with their most popular song “Don’t Trust Me.” The crowd went wild, dancing and singing along with the lyrics.

3OH!3’s wildness on stage, as well as the bright, neon strobe lights illuminating the Bank, made for a memorable night.

“The artists were all thrilled with the hospitality they received and the energy of the audience. The production team even commented that QU was their favorite school to work with,” said Jamie Kloss, SPB’s mainstage chair. “SPB was very happy that they had such a great experience at Quinnipiac.“