Website tracks QU energy usage

Kim Green

Quinnipiac community members will now be able to monitor their environmental impact after the launch of a website this semester that displays real-time data on the energy consumption on Quinnipiac’s three campuses.

The Building Dashboard website gives access to students who are interested in viewing their energy consumption in their dorm rooms or in the academic buildings. Currently, Quinnipiac’s website is monitoring the electricity consumption in 20 buildings, but there are plans to add more in the future.

In addition to monitoring the energy in the buildings, students can also access the energy that is being generated on the York Hill campus through the wind turbines and the photovoltaic panels located atop the residence buildings.

“The Dashboard is going to raise awareness about electricity consumption within the university community,” said Keith Woodward, Quinnipiac’s associate vice president for facilities operations. “It’s all part of our effort to reduce our impact on the environment and be good global citizens.”

To encourage students to reduce their energy usage, in the spring, the University will be conducting residence hall competitions to challenge students by seeing which halls can obtain the lowest electricity consumption.

Quinnipiac joins over 100 other universities in North America that use the Building Dashboard websites.

Visit the website at