Pine Grove to get statue

Samantha Epstein

There will be a statue in Pine Grove, according to Joseph Rubertone, associate vice president for facilities and administration. The statue was donated to the university by an unidentified benefactor.

The university could not be reached as of press time to find out the donor and further information about the statue.

Photo by Anna Brundage/Chronicle

Crafted by a well-known artist, the statue is a modernistic piece made of cast bronze, Rubertone said. It will be 11 feet by 6 feet and 5 feet high and weigh about 3,800 pounds.

The statue will be placed on the walk between the Carl Hansen Student Center and the College of Arts and Sciences, a place that was previously home to art projects of Quinnipiac students in the art program.

“I personally think that this sculpture will work very well in that area, and I think when you see it, you’ll agree that it works well,” Rubertone said. “Truth, beauty and art are in the eyes of the beholder, so we’ll leave all the judgements on whether people like it or not to their opinion.”

The statue will be under repair due to a steel support on the bottom that started to corrode and will be ready for placement within the next few weeks.

Cassie Comeau contributed reporting to this story.