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Online tix are quick fix

Were you ready to have Sam Adams, the guys of 3OH!3 and Hoodie Allen all at your fingertips? Well with the creation of Quinnipiac’s online ticket sales system, you should have been.

Buying tickets to all Quinnipiac events has recently been made much easier with a new online ticket portal. Instead of wasting hours waiting in line for this fall’s Student Programming Board concert, students were able to buy tickets online from the comfort of their own dorm rooms – or wherever their Wi-Fi connection reaches.

For those who didn’t experience the lines waiting for Ke$ha tickets last spring, be very grateful for this new system. Flashbacks to the week of ticket sales will haunt many of us for the rest of our undergraduate years.

Students arrived hours ahead of the start of ticket sales and camped out on the floors all day like a modern day Woodstock. Friends and roommates lined up against the walls from Tator Hall all the way down to Buckman Theater, taking shifts in between classes and skipping them if deemed necessary.

The floors were cluttered with homework and leftovers from multiple cafeteria runs made throughout the day. The worst part was the inevitable swarm of line-cutters, who usually only come out on Saturday nights at the shuttle stop en route to Toad’s. Needless to say, the whole process was in need of an overhaul.

According to David Caprio, the group ticket sales and promotions manager, the new online ticket portal provides “a good opportunity to get tickets to all events,” making not just the fall concert, but also all sporting events at the TD Bank center much easier to access.

Sophomore Courtney McMorris recalls her experience waiting in the Ke$ha line last year.

“Getting all my homework done is stressful enough,” McMorris said. “I don’t have time to do that again, so I saved a lot of time and energy buying my ticket this way.”

All you have to do is go on MyQ, follow the SPB link, print out your tickets and you’ll be on your way to the York Hill campus faster than ever.

Students also have the option to use their Q-cards as tickets at the door by swiping for any spur-of-the-moment hockey or basketball games they choose to attend.

However, Caprio encourages students to access the portal early to reserve seats for any big games that will be happening later in the season.

“It’s a new system and we expect some issues,” Caprio said.

However, he believes that if such problems arise, they can be fixed. He said that as more students get used to the system and by “using word of mouth, students can help each other to figure it out.”

Tickets for the fall concert on Oct. 1 are still on sale. Now that the online portal has replaced the Tator Hall line of hell, there is absolutely no reason to put off picking yours up.

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