Farmer’s market offers fresh bite at Quinnipiac

Jenna Doleh

Photo by Ilya Spektor/Chronicle

The QU Sustainability Committee has invited the campus community to attend a farmer’s market each Wednesday in September. At the market, students and faculty are able to buy fresh produce and support the local economy.

Vendors were selling organic items from an array of vegetables and fruits to seasonal items like pumpkins and squash.

“Selling locally grown crops helps people think about what they’re eating,” Kristen Wolf from the School of Business said. “Freshly grown crops have a lot more nutrients than store bought food.”

The market also featured pamphlets for those who wanted to try and add more vegetables and fruits into their diets. Students are also able to see the nutritious facts about the crops they were purchasing.

“I think the farmer’s market will definitely benefit the QU community,” Kristen Richardson, co-chair of the QU Sustainability Committee said. “By buying local, people are getting fresher and more nutritious products, and it tastes great, too.”

The farmer’s market also featured the event “Battle of the Chefs,” in which athletes went against administration to see who could cook a better meal. The participants included athletes from teams such as the acrobatics and tumbling team against a high-level chef from the Connecticut School of Business.

“I like to see a different side of the athletes,” Associate Director of Academics Lyneene Richardson said. “We know they are good in the classroom; now we see that they are good in the community as well.”

Each team was given 30 minutes to prepare three plates of appetizers and one entrée. The theme of the day was apples and chicken, which are the foods each team had to use to prepare their meal.

The market will continue throughout the month of September each Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Bobcat Way Lawn.