Rachel Zoe: ‘I die, literally’

Sarah Rosenberg

After watching reality TV, you may feel as if you’ve lost the ability to formulate intelligent sentences or think like a real person. You don’t know it, but soon you’ll find yourself screaming “CABS ARE HERE!” when it’s time to leave and go out for the night, even if in fact there is no cab, but a shuttle waiting to take you to Toad’s so you can build a beat until your heart is content. We can all argue that reality TV is detrimental to our mental health and attention span, but are we really going to stop watching “Bachelor Pad” before we get the chance to see Jake and Vienna claw each other’s eyes out?

With that said, I have a new vice. Although it’s nothing original, I’ve recently discovered the equation that fashion + reality TV = the most delicious type of entertainment out there. I’m sure you’re all thinking, “Where have you been? ‘Project Runway’ should have owned your entire existence years ago!” Well, it didn’t, mostly because I was a pessimistic viewer who truly believed that most of the winners were never going to make a name for themselves as high-fashion designers. What’s recently grabbed my attention, however, is Rachel Zoe, the celebrity stylist who basically made the bohemian trend a nationwide craze through dressing clients like Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie. Her show, “The Rachel Zoe Project,” debuted in 2008. But I just watched my first episode this weekend. The first episode of the fourth season portrayed the stylist hiring new styling associates, finalizing her own fashion line and attempting to stay fashionable while pregnant.

Zoe is a businesswoman, and I love a go-getting female with an acute sense of fashion and style. She knows everything and anything about Fashion Week, the most famous couture designers and how to not make a shaggy coat look like a worn-out carpet. Also, she decided to hire an extremely handsome, homosexual interior and furniture designer with no experience in fashion, all because he made her laugh and was pleasant to look at. And what girl doesn’t long for the homosexual best friend who just happens to be really, really good-looking? Let’s not kid ourselves.

My hope with watching this show is that instead of thinking that the key to staying fashionable includes fist pumps, push-ups and ChapStick, I will go shopping and think, “Would Rachel approve of this maxi-dress?”