Jersey Shore: A ‘really, really bad, trashy version of The Real World’

Julia Bucchianeri

“Gym, tanning, laundry.”

This is the schedule that someof the members of MTV’s “JerseyShore” follow on a daily basis. How exciting and intriguing.

Although my previous statement is dripping with sarcasm, somepeople must truly find it interesting because this show has become MTV’s most guilty pleasure – or waste of time. The show, to me, resembles the really, really bad, trashy version of “The Real World.”

I just don’t understand why people enjoy watching the show. Iguess the complete absurdity of the content and characters might suck people in, but I worry that their IQs might be lowered from watching it.

The people in the show personify the stereotypes and opinions many people have of “guidos and guidettes.” I also feel bad for people from the state of New Jersey because this is just slamming their state’s reputations.

Within the first five minutes, I already hated “The Situation.” He quite possibly might be the most arrogant, self-centered, annoying male I’ve ever heard speak. For some reasonI hope to be doing bigger things with my life at 30 than worrying about what shade of orange my skincolor is.

The show is a nasty portrayalof New Jersey residents and interestingly enough, only one cast memberof the TV show is actually from the Garden State. I’m not from the state,but from the Jerseyites that I have talked to, many of them have confirmed that Seaside Heights is a very trashy area and does not show off New Jersey’s best features.