Entering a new era

The QU Chronicle

From the publisher:

Dear Chronicle readers,

It’s my pleasure to present the first issue with our new editorial board in place for the 2011-2012 year.

You may notice some changes within the pages of the Chronicle. Arts & Entertainment and Scene have dissolved to become Arts & Life. We hope the section thrives with continued features on students and everyone who makes a difference in our community every day.

I want to acknowledge this year’s publisher Tara McMahon and Editor-in-Chief Joe Pelletier for their exemplary work in steering this newspaper toward a brighter future. Tara and Joe have worked tirelessly for the last three years to preserve the integrity of the Chronicle. They have been integral in keeping this organization alive. I don’t believe we would have made it this far without their leadership, dedication and commitment.

I have worked on the Chronicle editorial board for three years, and feel privileged to have worked alongside such a devoted staff. Every year, I learn something new and I hope to continue to be challenged.

As we transition into next year, please feel free to email us with any comments or suggestions to improve the newspaper. We are open to new ideas and opinions. This is your newspaper, Quinnipiac.

Thank you for the support,

Matt Busekroos ’12



From the editor:

Dear Chronicle readers,

On behalf of the Chronicle staff, I thank you for grabbing a newspaper or logging on to our website. Your continued support keeps us chugging along down the final stretch of the term – even though it’s the hardest.

With May Weekend on the horizon, and then just one more week of classes before finals week, we hope the Chronicle will continue to serve you as a reputable source of compelling information.

Not only does the Chronicle serve as an organization for Quinnipiac students to demonstrate their proficiencies in writing, editing, designing, and photography, but also for students to gain experience working in a serious newsroom environment, selling advertisements, and, a more general skill, managing time.

I began writing for this paper’s sports section as a confused freshman. I didn’t know if print journalism was for me, but as the year progressed, I realized it was my calling.

Now I feel honored to head a staff of dedicated, aspiring journalists who work hard each week to put out a newspaper and keep our website fresh.

Although I will dearly miss the Chronicle’s graduating seniors – my second family – I look forward to taking on the responsibilites this leadership role offers.

Thank you for the support,

Lenny Neslin ’12