Energy drinks eliminated from Café Q, but still at Den

Joe Pelletier

Citing meal plan budget constraints and health reasons, Chartwells eliminated energy drinks from Café Q yesterday, Chartwells Director Leean Spalding said.

Energy drinks are “not a healthful meal replacement,” Spalding said.

Students looking for a caffeine fix were told to head to the bookstore or Bobcat Den. Both locations still offer energy drinks.

“Originally, the meal plan was not designed to include the high cost of bottled beverages,” Spalding said. “These energy drinks often lead to students running low on their meal plan before the end of the semester.”

The decision drew its share of commendation and condemnation on the Chronicle’s Facebook poll. As of Tuesday afternoon, 55 percent saw the energy drink embargo as “Bad,” 29 percent said “Good,” and 15 percent called it “Ugly.”

“It’s better for us,” sophomore Riza Mohamed said. “As a student, they keep you up to get homework done, but then you crash and feel like crap later. Take away that option, and kids will feel better in the long run.”

Cost should not have been a factor in removing energy drinks, freshman Matt Spader said, calling out the Moo Bella high-priced items.

“Everything is expensive here anyways,” freshman Matt Spader said. “If it’s too expensive just don’t buy it.”

The AMP and Rockstar energy drinks currently sold in the bookstore cost $2.49.

“I don’t use it for a meal alternative,” sophomore Chivon Forrester said. “And it’s a hit here. That’s how I got through freshman year.”

Chartwells removed energy drinks from the dining hall in November 2006, but returned them after a large demand to see them back on the shelves.

There are no plans to remove energy drinks from the Bobcat Den, she said.