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Statements from presidential candidates Cloutier and McDermott

We gave presidential candidates Andrew McDermott and Benjamin Cloutier 300 words each to make their case to be student body president. Here they are:

Benjamin Cloutier

(For Cloutier’s 300 words, he submitted a letter from a friend)

When I met Ben a year ago, I immediately saw something special. He treated me as a good friend and cared for what I thought and what I needed. His warm personality and passionate mindset supersedes many of my other peers here at Quinnipiac. When I was in need of help with my own political ventures, Ben not only put in his own input but also genuinely helped me to succeed. He has a unique ability to capture his audience and treat their needs by listening and providing advice. This advice is influenced by tremendous amounts of leadership experience. He has served as the Class of 2013 President for the past two years where he delivered for the community in many ways, such as extending the Bobcat Den hours that we all enjoy today. However, he is not satisfied. Ben wants to continue to deliver to the needs of the Quinnipiac community through improving communication between SGA and the students through Facebook videos and going door to door to personally hear everyone’s needs. His determined mindset has led Ben to be chosen for leadership conferences across the nation, where he sought to obtain new knowledge and found the answers he needs to help everyone at QU succeed. He not only wants to be the best leader he can be, but wants his community to be the best it can be.

Ben Cloutier fought for my needs as a sophomore and will fight for all of our needs as a student body. He is the face of the Class of 2013, and he will be the best face for all Quinnipiac students. He deeply cares for everyone on this campus. Ben is not just my friend, not just my confidant, but my president. He should be yours too.

Bobby Rutkiewicz

Andrew McDermott

Hello Bobcats! My name is Andrew McDermott and I want to be your next Student Body President.

Over the course of my three years here at Quinnipiac, I have lived through the changes we have had to endure. I have felt the growing pains and the lack of communication. I have been there when decisions were made without student input.

I am coming to you with a promise of both my effort and support. One of the most important things about this position is being open to ideas and fighting for the needs and wants of the student body. As your Student Body President, I will represent you to the best of my ability rather than being preoccupied with my own itinerary.

Some of the major issues that I would like to have the Student Government Association continue to look into are shuttles from the York Hill campus to the North Haven campus, more programming at both the York Hill and North Haven campuses, alternative methods for the housing selection process, and a better balance of meal plan allocation in relation to the food pricing within the eateries that we have. I plan on working closely with whomever is elected to the Vice President of Student Concerns to ensure our concerns and ideas are heard and worked on.

Under my leadership, no student voice will be unheard. We pride ourselves in three campuses, one university. Let’s work together and hold this slogan to be true.

I take great pride in being a Bobcat, which you likely have seen at all Quinnipiac athletic events. But I plan on having even more pride in leading our student body.

Vote for experience. Vote for pride. Vote for the best interest of the student body. Let’s make a difference!


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  • S

    Same Promise after not fulfilling it last year??Apr 5, 2011 at 5:50 pm

    I was present at the debate yesterday, and what Ben Cloutier said in his opening statement is that he will have a door to door policy where he will visit every dorm rooms and talk to people in ground level for what their concerns are. He made the same statement when running for SGA in the past, but did not deliver it at all. Making the same promise again after failing to follow up on it just shows him as a “all talk, no work” candidate. His speech was vague too, which shows he does not really have enough experience and doesn’t know what he is getting into.

    I was very impressed with Andrew McDermott’s specifically outlined plans to solve student concerns like Meal plan and transportation between campuses. I also liked his idea of increasing student activities and programming in York Hill & North Haven campuses.