Toad’s shooting doesn’t faze QU crowd

Joe Pelletier

Quinnipiac students were largely unconcerned with a Wednesday shooting at Toad’s Place in New Haven, taking to the popular nightclub on Saturday in familiar droves.

The consensus acknowledged that Toad’s draws its share of sketchy individuals, but felt safe enough with a Saturday crowd–one different from the Wednesday crowd present during the shooting.

“Saturday night is almost all Quinnipiac kids,” sophomore Russell Goodman said, waiting in line on Saturday evening. “We’re a much better crowd–a safer crowd.”

The shooting that left two people with injuries (not life-threatening, according to police) occurred during a hip-hop showcase that featured local acts.
“It’s a much different night on Saturday than it is Wednesday,” sophomore Dave Nash said confidently while waiting for a shuttle. “We’ll be fine.”

The females in line weren’t quite as confident (for the most part), but felt safe enough to attend.

“I’m a little worried because it happened inside Toad’s,” freshman Michelle Winters said. “Not outside, but within the building. If it happened before it could happen again.

“But tonight’s different. I’m OK.”

One student, who attended the Friday concert featuring Lotus, said that security was tighter than usual.

Toad’s Place attorney James Segaloff described Wednesday night’s shooting as an “isolated incident,” according to the New Haven Register.