Kickball tournament a hit

The weather couldn’t have been better as the Recreation Center kicked off its Kickball Tournament Saturday morning. Teams from all over campus arrived at 1:00 p.m. ready to battle each other for the much needed Q-Cash. Students sought after Quinnipiac T-shirts, along with, of course, the bragging rights that came along with them.
The games began on each of the four fields. Each game lasted 30 minutes long, providing as many innings to be played within that time frame. Each team was allowed only ten players on the field, while the kicking team could have only one kick per player. Foul balls counted as outs and the umpires strictly controlled the fields, watching closely for any illegal sliding or stealing.
After the first few rounds, the Grundles, Lion’s Den, and Irma. One were in the lead while teams Hi Grandma, Hard Knocks, and We Kick Balls followed in close pursuit. Teams switched from field to field, coordinating new strategies with each game. In the end, a championship game was held on the baseball field to determine the overall winners.
The final competition, Grundles vs. Lion’s Den, was a fierce battle of strategy, each scoreless inning bringing about new tactics. The game was ultimately decided in a tiebreaker round. The Grundles scored three runs. The Lion’s Den came back with one run, but unfortunately for them, it was not enough to win the game. The Grundles went home with the Qcash and a final score of 3-1.
The winning team consisted of team captain Lauren Manfred, and players Francesca Mulone, Katie Attanasio, Steve Logsdon, Tim Blaquier, Marlon LeWinter, Danzo, Chris Daley, Greg Antoch, and Nick Wormley. Congratulations Grundles!