Tennis heads to UPenn for ITA

The women’s tennis
season begins in the
spring. However, this fall two of the women’s tennis players are going to be highlighted in a major tournament. The players, Steph Petrycki and Cristen Arahovites, will participate in a major tournament, along with 58 other schools.
This tournament is the ITA Regional’s, located at the University of Pennsylvania and will take place next week. Petrycki was chosen as the best singles player at Quinnipiac. She will play her singles matches and then join in with Arahovites to play doubles. Arahovites is the best doubles player along with Petrycki who were chosen by Coach Mike Quitko. Coach Quitko hopes that this year the players, “Will make the Quarters at least.”
This tournament will not be new to these two women. Both Braves players have gone to this tournament two years in a row. Two years ago both Braves players enjoyed much success advancing to the 16th round. Last year, Quinnipiac had the misfortune of having to play the number one seeded Princeton in the very first round. Quinnipiac was defeated. These two were “without question,” said Quitko the two that best represented Quinnipiac. Quitko feels the players will enjoy success this year because of their athleticism, and also their good use of hands. He is working with the players to improve their serve for the tournament ahead. Quitko believes that a better serve is the key for the players right now.
Petrycki, along with Michelle Nagle are the team captains. Coach Quitko feels that both bring leadership. Petrycki leads by example with her athleticism. Nagle is like a mother to the team. These players were both captains last year as Juniors and hope to do well again as seniors here at Quinnipiac. Quitko likes coaching Division I because of the, “Quality of the player and their competitiveness.” He likes his teams chances in the ITA tournament.