You’re a sad man, Charlie Sheen

Daniella Appolonia

Say what you want about actor Charlie Sheen – whether he’s “winning” or has “tiger blood” running through his veins. Either way, I find him obnoxious. He needs to get off all the news sites I read, and fast.

His father, actor Martin Sheen, has tried to intervene, his publicist has resigned (exhausted from covering up for him, I assume), and people like Mel Gibson have reached out to lend a hand. Of all people, Mel Gibson – really? That’s the best he can do?

As I roamed the streets of Hoboken, N.J. last weekend for St. Patrick’s Day festivities, I heard crowds of drunken people passing through, yelling the now infamous phrases that have recently become a part of our everyday vernacular, bursting from news headlines everywhere.

These people also thought they were invincible with the apparent tiger blood running through their veins, as they screamed “I’m bi-winning!” and the countless other ridiculous Sheenisms.

Sure, the actor’s interview with “20/20” reporter Andrea Canning was entertaining. I’ll admit, I laughed hysterically at parts – Sheen knows how to compel an audience. As the interview continued, I was shocked at some of his statements.

Despite all of Sheen’s past (and current) problems, I still expected the highest paid television actor to appear more composed during the interview.

Clearly, that was asking for too much. Fans may defend him and say that’s just his personality. But I say he needs psychological help.

It’s beyond me how Sheen passed the drug test he took after the interview.

Despite his shocking behavior, public opinion on Sheen still shows he is respected in the acting world. Or, his erratic mannerisms might just amuse us to the extent that his career can only get better from here on out.

On “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Kimmel spoke about Sheen’s situation.

“You might think that with all the stories about drugs and porn stars, and God knows what else, his show would suffer. But ‘Two and a Half Men’ was the most watched show on television last night. And it was a rerun, too,” Kimmel joked.

To be honest, I find the entire situation disturbing, especially Sheen’s immaturity, considering his career has hit a downward spiral and he should be working to salvage what little may be left of his reputation.

It was just as unnerving to see how many people seemed amused by his downfall a week later.

More people should realize Sheen’s bizarre behavior is a cry for help. This so-called addiction he claims to have magically cured has taken over completely.

However, this is the culture we live in–we are attracted to gossip and to celebrities who seem to have lost their way. However, it’s only amusing to a certain point. After that, it’s just sad.

During the interview, Sheen said, “I’m proud of what I created – it was radical,” in regards to his drug abuse and addiction. That should have been an indication of his self-destructive behavior.

He seems to have no concern for how foolish he looked on a highly-publicized interview.

Despite the hiatus of “Two and Half Men,” I’m sure his career will be just fine with all the recent press he’s getting.

I just wish he would focus more on getting the help he needs, instead of ensuring the entire world knows just how “bitchin’” he is.