SGA Briefs – 12/9/09

The QU Chronicle

The Quinnipiac Student Government Association held its 13th meeting of the year on Dec. 9, 2009.
Executive report
  • The College Group at QU is brainstorming for its orientation.
  • The Sustainability Interest Group will hold an Earth Day event in Alumni Hall. All interested in helping can contact Andrew McDermott.
  • SGA Representative Tobin will meet with a Chartwells representative regarding food stations, renovations and meal plans.
  • The Director of Multicultural Affairs position is still open, which SGA hopes to fill by the fall of 2010.
  • A treasurer’s round table is set for February.
  • Twenty-eight possible sites have been confirmed for the planned QU Big Event. SGA is working to confirm 56 possible sites by a later date.
Cabinet reports
  • The class cabinet is brainstorming initiatives to help implement the Safe Ride. Safe Ride is a Metro taxi program designed to help discourage impaired driving during weekends.
  • The junior class event for finals week was declared a success.
  • The class cabinet dorm-stormed prior to finals week wishing students luck.
  • The class cabinet is working on its SGA brochure.  Ideas are being discussed about safeguarding students’ laundry following theft complaints and expanding the Help Desk’s capabilities beyond QU-issued Dell laptops.
Open Forum
  • A complained was raised regarding smoking regulations as to the failure to enforce the distance between smokers and buildings.