Quinnipiac works MacBook into laptop program

Phil Nobile

For the first time, Quinnipiac will officially offer Apple products for purchase, as well as a wider variety of Dell laptops.

The program, which will be officially announced during Admitted Students Day in March, not only offers three different models of MacBooks, but all Apple-related products as well.

“Our interests are really more in trying to have as few standards as possible,” said Fred Tarca, chief information and technology officer.

Previously, students who chose to participate in the university’s program were offered a single Dell model for recommended purchase. In an attempt to cater to the varying needs of Quinnipiac students, the school hopes that offering both Dell and Apple products will create a more technologically-unified atmosphere.

“We do not have any preference in terms of the brand,” Tarca said. “Our real interests are if the student can get to their e-mail applications securely, can they get to Blackboard securely, [and] can they use all the other various applications necessary as tools for learning on campus.”

Support for Apple computers has been available since the fall semester, yet products were not available until the beginning of this semester. Students now can access two online stores via MyQ, both linking to Dell and Apple’s websites.

Once there, students are advised to purchase either one of three Dell laptops or one of three MacBooks.

“We’ve selected out three different systems that we feel meet the majority of what students will be interested in,” said Richard Brownell, director of client services. “It’s primarily going to focus on the Macbook Pro line.”